Call for participation

There are many ways to defend us from too high an intensity of light, the most popular is the use of sunglasses.
This is a very common object, which initially was maybe just a useful object, but, with time, has become a “vanity object”, habit, vice, and many famous stylists started designing them.However, undoubtedly, defending ourselves from too intense light is a real need, and, sometimes, a matter of surviving. Now, in these last decades, especially in our cities, there is another sense organ, which is subjected to an excessively strong stimulation: our ears.


The reports about the acoustic pollution in our cities are worrying, and the limitations to the intensity of noise which the laws impose, are indiscriminate and generally not sufficient to defend us adequately from the dangerous consequences. It may be necessary, thus, to use a device which provides a filter to sounds, as the sunglasses filter light. It could become also necessary and urgent to design such devices not only considering their usefulness, as in the case of the ear muffs which defend the workers from acoustic stress, but also considering their “design".They could be a precious and fashion object, which could be worn with pride, pleasure, enjoyment. Starting from the vision of such a possible future, we are proposing to everyone interested in collaborating, to design or build an object which can be used for this purpose: defend our ears; objects with different shapes, with different filtering degrees for different needs.