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250px-OLGA GasometerDas 6. FKL Symposium findet vom 22. bis 23. Juni in Oberhausen stat und steht im Zusammenhang mitder ordentlichen Hauptversammlung des Forums. Die FKL Mitglieder sind herzlich zur Teilnahme eingeladen und gleichzeitig aufgerufen, ihre neusten Arbeiten und Werke vorzustellen.

Einreichungen sind immer noch möglich !

Call for participation

There are many ways to defend us from too high an intensity of light, the most popular is the use of sunglasses.
This is a very common object, which initially was maybe just a useful object, but, with time, has become a “vanity object”, habit, vice, and many famous stylists started designing them.However, undoubtedly, defending ourselves from too intense light is a real need, and, sometimes, a matter of surviving. Now, in these last decades, especially in our cities, there is another sense organ, which is subjected to an excessively strong stimulation: our ears.

Lorenz Schwarz 4:50pm Jun 26
Lorenz Schwarz 4:30pm Jun 25
Stle Ge 10:23am Jun 16 Hello People,I have a question. I once read something about some results of a survey made by the World Soundscape Project (I think). Part of the result was, that people living in a little village (in africa if I remember ...
Lorenz Schwarz 6:34am Jun 14
Lorenz Schwarz 6:25am Jun 14